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Donald Trump You’re Fired Sound Button


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Become The Boss With This You’re Fired Donald Trump Push The Button Toy

It doesn’t matter if you are a huge fan of Donald Trump and you're thinking "Trump will make America great again!" or you simply hate his guts and all you can think about is "Dump Trump!" this gag toy always gets a laugh.

If you are looking for fun and clever ways to entertain your friends then we got you covered.
Try now our wonderfully crafted “You’re Fired” push button switch and spread joy and laughter everywhere!

This toy is made from great quality materials and bears a red base and a white top button with Trump’s angry face on top.
Simply press the button and hear his voice saying in a whole frustrated manner YOU’RE FIRED! Listen again and again the classic quote from the TV series “The Apprentice” with just the push of a button.

THE ULTIMATE POLITICAL NOVELTY GIFT: Are you sick and tired of mundane and same old gifts and you need to spice things in the office? Do not despair! Our adult gag gift is here to impress everyone. Definitely a must gift, appreciated BIGLY by your boss or manager!

Having Someone Fired Has Never Been That Hilarious Before

  • Is your employee browsing facebook instead of working again? Push the button!
  • Did your spouse burn that pumpkin pie today? Push the button!
  • Did your co-worker say something stupid? Push the button!
  • Did your kids stepped inside the house with muddy shoes on? We guess you know what you have to do…Just push the button of course!


Our research shows the You’re Fired button is the best gift ever for bosses, managers, CEOs & anyone with a good sense of humor.

The Trump "You’re Fired" Sound Effect Button is 100% made in China! Donald wouldn't have it any other way of course!

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