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Welcome to Gagster! Our mission is to make people laugh. We make fun & funny gag toys. All we want is to make you smile, and to make you spend all of your money on our nonsense. Well not all of your money, you still need to eat, but some of it :) 

If you are looking for the unique, original and hilarious you came to right place. We assure you our gag gifts will entertain you and your friends. We are experts in getting laughs and creating funny gifts.

We Are Going To Make Toilet Paper Great again! (and much more)

After having a great success with our best seller – Trump toilet paper (yes, we were first), we are constantly expanding our political gifts line of products. You can see the top sellers right now here on our website. Soon more of our products and some very exciting inventions will be available online!

If you have a fun, childish sense of humor we love you. Will you marry us? Not really, we are not ready for a committed relationship right now. But we still love you.


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